Nebuta 2013

Years  2013    2012    2010

Third year of building Nebuta. Sketches for studying the construction method and the shaping.

Here the TAMLAB Nebuta team at work: shaping the wire and fixing by a cotton yarn, placing light bulbs, pasting the washi-paper on the wire, finishing the head with the outside accessory and finally lighting it up.

Besides the realisation of nebuta-lamp itself, the Tamlab Nebuta team designed a nebuta-dress by the principle of tetrahedron. A wide nebuta-dress, consisted of bamboo tetrahedron decorated with colourful fans placed within spaces. 

Previously, thin slices of bamboo have been prepared by curving them to form circles. Each circle has been fixed to other two by composing a tetrahedral structure.

Separately, many metal hangers have been recycled, collected and reshaped. By using nebuta-technique, the washi paper has been glued on each element, obtaining one thousand of uchiwa うちわ (the Japanese rigid fan). The colourful uchiwa, inserted into the bamboo tetrahedron, form and shape the nebuta-unique-dress.

To realise all nebuta-dress, TAMLAB Nebuta team organised a social network, with local inhabitants, involving them into workshops.

Thanks to the support of Showa Women's University this activity could be accomplished.

Nebuta 2013 completed. Night view during Nebuta Festival.