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Four Series of Shibuya Station Organism  >Exhibition 

Place: Shibuya Ward Office (1965-2015)  photo of the building here

Place: Shibuya Ward Office - Date: October/3rd November 2015 - Event: SHIBUYA EGGS

This exhibition-research aims to explain the history and transformation of the Shibuya Station from different point of view and through pictures to models in four series of studies made in four different years and assembled all in one exhibition.

  • Model of the Station, big scale which studies the space underground and above the ground. 
  • Models which show the plan from the prehistory to contemporary days: a narration of the geomorphological transformation of the site
  • Pictures from the archives and a new composition telling the story of Shibuya Station through 130 years
  • Models and analysis of the commuters` movement through the phases of transformation of Shibuya Station 

Idea and research by Keisuke Tamura

Realisation of the exhibition by TAMLAB

Photography by Silvia Rulli 

For the complete work, please refer to the publication book > 迷い迷って渋谷駅

Shibuya1000_007 シブヤ東西合戦  >> Symposium

Talk 01 by KSK Tamura 

Place: Hikarie 8th floor, Shibuya  Date: March 2015  Title: Shibuya Crossing