Nebuta 2010

Years  2013    2012    2010

First experiment of building Nebuta. Here some sketches of the figures movement, their shaping and of the methodology of construction made by the TAMLAB Nebuta team.

Here the TAMLAB team at work: placing light bulbs, sticking the inside colourful decoration, pasting the washi-paper, finishing with the outside accessory and finally lighting up.

Besides the construction of nebuta-lamp itself, the TAMLAB team designed neubuta-dress by the principle of

miura-folding ミウラ折り. A wide nebuta-dress, consisted of chopsticks, with colourful kirie balloons placed in between spaces.

Previously, used chopsticks お箸have been gathered from all local shops and cleaned up for reusing them.

Each chopstick has been connected one to each other by forming a waved miura-folded structure.  

Separately, thousands of colourful sheets of paper have been cut into different shapes named kirie 切り絵 and inserted into plastic balloon bags. Once all of them have been completed, they have been fixed in between spaces of the miura-folded texture.

To realise all nebuta-dress, TAMLAB team organised a social network with local inhabitants involving them into workshops, which have been taken place on local sites. 

Thanks to the support of Showa Women's University this activity could be accomplished.

Nebuta 2010 completed. Night view during Nebuta Festival. 

At the end of the procession, kids could take and keep the "kirie-balloons" for memory of the 2010 Nebuta Festival ねぶた祭り。