about tokyoplatform

TOKYOPLATFORM was born with the aim of improving our research and design on all concerning "form and space" in Tokyo area. Each platform, like  stations, landscape, housing, tamlab, photography , has specific topics, its own area of interest, which assembles and develops our total project knowledge. Platforms in Tokyo area are also meeting places with colleagues or with students to share and experiment the research inside and outside the academic field; a wide investigation into the Tokyo territory, within its connections and interrelations, from the urban to the architectural design scale.

who we are

Keisuke Tamura 

KSK Tamura is an architect and professor at the Showa Women's University in Tokyo Japan. He studied Architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo where he obtained the Diploma + Master's Degree. He gained his second Master's Degree from the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. His professional experience includes working at UNStudio of Ben Van Berkel and Caroline Bos in Amsterdam. Later with FOA in Japan of Alejandro Zaera Polo and Farshid Moussavi as part of the team that developed the Yokohama International Port Terminal project through completion. In 2004 Keisuke Tamura co-founded his independent architectural practice ru*taOffice.

He has continued to cultivate his interest on Architecture Design, Theories of Architecture and Mega Complex Structures, which drove him to his endless research on Shibuya Station first, then on Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Station until the all 30 stations along the Yamanote Line, the loop line central Tokyo. He is currently Professor of Architecture at Showa Women's University in Tokyo, where he has been teaching for several years. His laboratory TAMLAB is a meeting place of collaboration and research, which focuses on different aspects of the environment.

Silvia Rulli 

Silvia Rulli is an Italian architect researcher. She obtained her Diploma degree from La Sapienza University in Rome, Faculty of Architecture, following which she was a Researcher and a PhD student at Waseda University in Tokyo, where she focused her interest on Japanese architecture both traditional and contemporary. She taught Japanese Architectural and Interior Design at the Academy of Art in Rome. She has extensive academic experience; she was assistant researcher at La Sapienza University in Rome; she is a visiting researcher at SWU University in 2008 at TAMLAB and volunteer from 2011. Currently she is the coordinator of tokyoplatform project. Her both research and work on residential and living-space design is based on Japanese life-style investigation. She loves photography.