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June * 六月


MORI ART MUSEUM ROPPONGI (MAM) * Workshop and Presentation *

side-event to the exhibition "My Body, Your Voice"

Adviser KSK Tamura

presentation title  "The country of the blind"

Date: 4th of June 2016


Normally, in many places of the stations, explanatory maps written in Braille code are placed. During the workshop "Designing a country without sight" , it came out that most of blind people do not use them. They prefer to navigate themselves through their hearing. TAMLAB produced a specific sound for Shibuya Station called "Shibuyaeki-no-uta", which came out of a combination of a trains simulation approaching to the station. The idea is to envelope the station out of a proper acoustic project-design for better distinguish "Shibuyaeki-no-uta". The peculiarity of each sound might help the blind to better recognise the place where they move. 

Moreover, the three-dimensional model, scale 1:4000 of the Shibuya Station, will replace the Braille code. By touching the model-product , the image of the space will come out easily, within the comprehension of the station itself. 

June * 六月

Exhibition and Lecture at TOKYO BIG SIGHT  (Tokyo International Exhibition Centre)

 "The Spatial Structure of Shibuya Station, Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station"


Date: 1/2/3/ June 2016

Idea of the exhibition and construction of Shibuya Station models and drawing panels by the Architect Professor Keisuke Tamura + Tamura Laboratory, Showa Women's University, Department of Environmental Science and Design 

February + June * 二月 六月


モビール渋谷駅 / mobile Shibuya Station >Exhibition 

〈渋産〉シブサン アクリル プロジェクト 

@渋谷ヒカリエ 8/court 


 Shibusan Acryl Project @Shibuya Hikarie 8/court

 Date: 26/27/28th of February 2016 + 19th/20th of June

Idea and research by prof. Keisuke Tamura

Shibuya Station Acrylic model production  by prof. Keisuke Tamura

Photography by Silvia Rulli 

For the complete work, please refer to the publication book > 迷い迷って渋谷駅

March * 三月


Shibuya1000_008 シンポジウム lecture MC

Symposium Theme: High-Low Battle  

Title of the presentation: "Shibuya Girls culture from now on"

上下合戦 「渋谷ギャルカルチャーのこれから」