Tokyoplatform was born with the aim of improving our research and design on all concerning "Form and Space" in Tokyo metropolis. Each platform, like stations, urbanscape, housing, tamlab, photography, has specific topics, its own area of interest, which assembles and develops out total project knowledge.

Platforms in Tokyo are also meeting places with colleagues or with students to share and experiment the research inside and outside the academic field; a wide investigation into Tokyo territory, within its connections and interrelations, from the urban to the architectural scale. 


Absolute Shibuya Station "FOUR in ONE"  BOOK > "EMERGENCE OF SHIBUYA"  by Keisuke Tamura + TamLab

BOOK1 Emergence of Shibuya Station - BOOK2 ShibuyaStation on Shibuya Valley - BOOK3 ShibuyaStation AtoZ mapping - BOOK4 Mass of Shibuya Station