yokohama  横浜  Station a Pyramid of 150 years

Landmark Plaza Sakata Seed Garden Square presentation: Yokohama Station a pyramid of 150 years - The transformation of Yokohama station models from 1872 to 2022. 

Transformation of Yokohama Station over 150 years

Yokohama Station is a major interchange railway station in Yokohama City and it is one of the busiest and oldest station in the whole Japan. It was built in 1872, moved its location twice and it is settling in the current place since 1928. The very important reason why the old Yokohama Station was built, it was because of the import-export of goods from Japan to abroad and vice-versa in a locality called Kannai, so the port and the railway station were next each-other.  Yokohama Station has been proliferated in its scale and shape since then, following also the increase of population during the period of high economic growth soon after the world war II.

Actually, the new Yokohama Station can count 2.3 million passengers per day and six railway companies. 

Here below, the architectural models that show the change of form in size and shape over decades. 

Yokohama Station South Court - The transformation of Yokohama station models from 1872 to 2022 current year. 

Idea, exhibition and construction of the Yokohama Station models by the Architect Professor Keisuke Tamura + Tamura Laboratory, + DP Yokohama Station Project  teamwork Showa Women's University - Department of Environmental Science and Design. 

Photography Silvia Rulli 

"Yokohama Station a pyramid of 150 years" _ Lectures at  Yokohama Landmark Plaza and Yokohama Station South Court  _ by prof. arch. KSK Tamura