shinjuku  station_2016

Years  2017  2016

Bridges and Civil Engineering - 橋と土木展



Place: Shinjuku Station West-Exit Underground Plaza - Date: 21~24 November 2016  

Event: 橋と土木展

  • Model of Shinjuku Station 1:100 scale which studies the space underground and above the ground. 
  • Models which show the plan from the prehistory to contemporary days: a narration of the geomorphological transformation of the site
  • Pictures from the archives and panels telling the story of Shinjuku Station through centuries
  • A miniature of the station, 3D model 1:10000 scale 

Idea and research by prof. arch. Keisuke Tamura

Realisation of the exhibition by KSK Tamura + TAMLAB


Photography by Silvia Rulli 


Event Exhibition-first model debut at COSMOS FESTIVAL in Showa Women University  

Title: Shinjuku Station and its phases of transformation over the centuries.

Concept by KSK Tamura - Construction by KSK Tamura + TAMLAB team of SWU University


Photography by Silvia Rulli